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Ainutlaatuinen 10-väripainatus

Pakkausmerkinnät muuttuvat - pakkaa tuotteesi erottuvasti

Finnish quality since 1949
High-quality, environment-friendly
plastic packages

Muovipussit ja -kalvot puutarhatuotteille Muovipussit ja -kalvot leipomo- ja myllytuotteille Muovipussit ja -kalvot elintarvikevalmistajille muovipussit ja -kalvot non-food-tuotteille

Plastic has low environment impact

10-colour prints stand out far better

Our standardized multicolours


New scopes to both package and design through multicolours

Muovijaloste has developed standardized multicolours for flexographic printing in cooperation with Miller Graphics Group.
With our multicolours, packages can be printed with a wider colour space, thus creating a more distinctive package even with a three-dimensional printing quality. The colours of the package are clearer and more intense than with traditional CMYK colours.
Multicolours enable new opportunities to the package design, because printing can be accomplished without technical limitations. The printing of rasters and traces can be done successfully.

Content, visual design & technical implementation: Sektori